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Courtney & Jeff's Congress Park Engagement Session in Saratoga Springs, NY

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

OMG omg omg, I CAN TECHNICALLY PHOTOGRAPH PEOPLE AGAIN, (KIND OF)! Courtney & Jeff received an engagement session through n. Fox months ago and we just recently got to take their engagement photos in Congress Park which is right in downtown Saratoga Springs.

As this was my first shoot back since COVID-19 cancelled everything (and for good reason - stay home, stop the spread!), there were many things to consider before I actually got up and started again. I specifically waited until businesses that were able to socially distance were allowed to open and to work in public spaces, had many conversations with people more familiar with this issue than me to ensure everything I did was legal and safe, and I made sure I was doing all that I could to keep myself healthy for my clients and to keep the shoot as mutually safe as possible. Using my long lens (or cropping in on shorter lenses) I kept my distance of 6 feet, wore a mask the whole time, and sanitized my hands and equipment before and after our shoot. No hugging clients goodbye for a while! Though all may seem back to normal, I am still not conducting indoor shoots or newborn shoots, any type of job whose attendee count violates the state mandate in place, high risk shoots or anything that cannot be socially distanced. For the most part everything I will be doing for a while will be just getting COVID-displaced projects that were scheduled right when the state shut down re-scheduled and done with.

These two are such a great pair! So natural behind the lens, great sense of humor, and so charismatic to photograph! They also picked out awesome outfits - kudos to them for ordering special personalized Converse sneakers just for the occasion!

We were so lucky with the night we got - the gentle light of the setting sun makes this park in particular look like something from a dream. A photographer's dream. I truly can't wait for their wedding this coming October (yes, I get to shoot their wedding too!) and will keep my fingers crossed for the same luck with light.

Thanks so much for getting out there with me and taking beautiful pictures to celebrate your engagement! And thanks for hanging in there as we waited to reschedule your shoot from when COVID-19 got in the way <3

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