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Check Out My New Gear ~

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

It’s half treating myself and half treating my clients.

Photography is expensive, but your expenses don't have to be out of control so long as you book more than enough gigs to cover your equipment, only buy items that you truly feel like you need, and even consider gently used / certified equipment or less-expensive models that work just the same as their flashy, 2018 counterparts. I recently added a used Nikon 85mm 1.8 lens to my lineup of super sweet gear, and then decided to opt for a full-on upgrade in a variety of areas.

The key here is:

1.) Mindful purchasing - don’t buy shit you can’t afford and don’t need

2.) Usability - purchasing versatile items that will not only step up your game but also be useful in most shooting situations is key. And that brings us to ...

3.) Preparedness & safety precautions - it’s imperative to have backup gear (you cannot be “SOL” if your only camera stops working). You need a backup body, backup lenses, backup baretries, proper storage for those precious SD or XQD cards (I always shoot with two cards copying onto eachother so if something happens to one, the other is still pristine and full of the same images) and proper camera and lens carriers.

I don’t buy things for fun - I buy them for function and I spend a lot of time researching my purchases carefully over a number of reputable sites.

Here’s an image with the haul & descriptions. Picture of my glorious d850 to come!

*disclaimer: this is a blog. This is the way I like to do things, but things, and operate as a Photographer. I cannot be held responsible if for anyone who tries the same approach and receives a different result, and failed shoots, equipment, or purchases. This is just an outlet for me to talk about what works for me. do your own research and say safe*

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