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Bryant Park Winter Village Surprise NYC Proposal: Taylor & Helen

It's proposal season, y'all.

A few weekends ago, Tyler and I went down to NYC to shoot Taylor's proposal to Helen. This was an especially exciting shoot since Taylor and Helen are friends of ours that go way, way back! Taylor is a friend from college (one of Tyler's fraternity brothers), and Taylor met Helen a while after we all graduated. Helen is awesome, and a big fan of photography, so it was only fitting that we'd get along... and do a few shoots while we're at it! On the big day, I had to proceed with caution because although COVID face masks make hiding in plain sight a little easier, the threat of being recognized was real!

When Taylor got down on one knee, the entire crowd around them stopped, stared, and then started cheering. There was a sense of community that I think all of us have been a bit starved for since the pandemic started, and witnessing the joy of something as special as a proposal between two lovebirds in the midst of all of this was just too exciting to not react to. After that moment, we wandered all over Bryant Park (my second time shooting there) and captured moments in the setting sun and civil twilight. We captured everything this park had to offer, from the cheerfully lit huts of the winter village to the ambient city light of buildings on the border. I love these photos.

Scroll to take a look at these beautiful holiday images, and to witness a moment that made even a crowd of passerby in NYC (arguably the most notoriously indifferent public in the US) lose their sh*t and start cheering like a bottom of the 9th grand slam.

Taylor & Helen, we love you very much and are so excited for you and all that is to come. Enjoy every second of this special time!

HL <3


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