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Ashley & Zak's Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session, NYC

Long time, not blog posts! Did you miss me?

Guys, there is a LOT going on in this semi-pre-post-covid-world... and also in the world of Hannah Lux Photography.

What have I been up to?

- I went to a photography workshop in Ohio to better figure out how to better serve my clients and add value to your experiences with me

- I went to NYC (directly after Ohio) for an absolute shooting MARATHON

- I went back to Long Island for yet another shooting marathon

- I took my extensions out

- I decide to put my extensions back in

- And I tackled 7 of the 32 weddings I have scheduled for this year, along with countless engagement and family sessions.

There's more, but that explains my conspicuous absence from my blog. The past is in the past, so let's one of my favorite things ever: show you what I've been up to! This is a recent shoot (from my NYC trip) that I am really, really excited about. Zak and Ashley are the brother and future sister-in-law of Olivia (of Olivia & Aaron), whose proposal I shot atop 620 Loft & Garden in NYC last September.

When I posted online about my intention to travel to the city, these two took me up on my availability and scheduled a fantastic evening full of the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC sunsets, and twilight hour garnished with the fairy light vibes of NoMo SoHo.

It's obvious from these photos that Ashley & Zak are crazy fun, a little adventurous (Ashley, we see you sitting on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge wall barrier, you little daredevil!), and just totally and completely perfect for each other.

I had such a fantastic time getting to know the two of you and to express ~ your love for eachother ~ in photographic form!

<3 THANK YOU for having me,


(PS, stay tuned for an Olivia & Aaron blog coming up...)

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