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Alyssa & Rob's n. Fox Engagement Session in Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY

Rob and Alyssa (and their majestic pup Oakley) are awesome. These two found me by purchasing a qualifying engagement ring from n. Fox Jewelers, which entitled them to their complimentary 2-hour engagement shoot in Downtown Saratoga.

We had a great time chasing the light all around town and hitting basically every single one of my favorite spots to shoot in this wonderful city. What was more was that this couple is so nice, so kind, and had great chemistry with eahother -- something that certainly helps in photos! During the course of our shoot, I really enjoyed getting to know them and also learned that they went to school with my fiance Tyler and know most of my friends - what a small world! Alyssa and Rob - thanks so much for taking the time the time to hang out and do this e-shoot with me, thanks for choosing n. Fox, and potentially most importantly, thanks for letting me hang out with your dog. He is the goodest boy.

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