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Spring Central Park Engagement Session with Olivia & Aaron, New York City, NY

These photos are what Hilary Duff would say dreeeeaams are made of.

You may remember Olivia and Aaron from the last time they were on the blog - Aaron got down on one knee to propose to Olivia on the most gorgeous NYC rooftop imaginable, and we had a perfect little evening taking some just-engaged photos. Fast forward to this past April, and this fantastic couple (+ their pup) were ready for their full-blown engagement session in Central Park, NYC.

We took advantage of all the great things the park has to offer - Bow Bridge, Bethesda Terrace, crowds of people out enjoying a very warm spring day, BUBBLES, food cart pretzels, and ice cream... it was just one of those shoots that truly had everything you could dream of - gorgeous couple included!

As always, Aaron & Olivia - y'all were great. I had the best time with you and truly hope that you treasure these images. I know I sure do!

<3 HL

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