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Alex & Brad's Winter Wedding at the Appel Inn, Albany, NY

There is a very special feeling that accompanies a phone call from an old high school friend who has just gotten engaged, has been following your work online, and wants to work together to document the most precious time of their life.

When Alex reached out to me with her winter wedding plans, needless to say I was elated. Memories of sitting in homeroom with braces feeling awkward about my life (as all high schoolers do) and talking with Alex almost daily flooded back, and I was struck with the most indescribable feeling of having come full circle to get to where we both are today.

Alex and Brad are a perfect example of two people who were made for each other. I loved third-wheeling with them throughout their engagement session and wedding because I thought the two of them shared this incredible chemistry, so many inside jokes, and just the most sincere love for each other that made me feel so happy (also sentimental) to be around. The way these two can communicate almost wordlessly is something I love, because it means that in each and every one of their photos there is an exchange happening that goes beyond the smiling and looking at the camera. It's all love. Which obviously, I love.

We started with a "first touch / first prayer", had their beautiful ceremony, followed up with bridal party and family shots, and then bounded into a reception at the most charming venue (The Appel Inn in Altamont NY). One of my favorite things about every wedding ever is just to experience and observe the crowd of people that come along with a bride and groom - the excited friends, loving parents and grandparents, some nieces and nephews that aren't afraid to boogie down on the floor (see the dance photos, you'll get it). This crowd was particularly lovely - a total reflection of the energy I could feel with Alex and Brad: sincere, kind, open-hearted.

To make what could be pages and pages of blogging short - Alex and Brad, thank you so much for having Livy and I at your most special day to document everything. We had such a great time watching you have a great time, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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