Doing what's best for your brand. 

My name is Hannah Kuznia, and I love your love. 


My aesthetic is photojournalistic with an artsy and romantic twist, focusing on authenticity. I like to pride myself on my individualistic approach, because I'm with my clients from initial outreach to cake-cutting.


I just got married in October 2019, so not only am I working on the vendor-side of weddings, but I also just experienced the whole wedding process from the bride's perspective. I know what couples value in a customer service experience. Aside from a strong portfolio and unquestionable know-how, we really want a genuine personal connection and a level of comfort with our wedding vendors. I like to think of this exchange as the most meaningful customer service interaction of your life.


I don't believe in the attitude of "been there, done that" with weddings because every wedding is unique, special, and exciting. I'm here to make people happy, not just to make money. That's what sets me apart.

I love capturing people, a couple, or a scene candidly in the moment with minimal to no direction. No stranger to large family groups or rowdy wedding parties, I balance all of the "classic, must have" posed shots with the unique, artsy and unplanned shots. That's what makes for a good wedding album.

I will help your groomsmen pin their boutonnieres. I will happy-dance with you over the great shot we just took. I will tear up when you walk down the aisle. In other words -- I'm right there with you in this. In short...

I get it, so you don’t have to.

Hear me out.
Most people that are planning their weddings are doing it for the first and last time. I would never ever expect any of my clients to know everything about the wedding day or wedding photography. That’s why I like to think of myself as a helping hand & resource for you to bounce things off of during this time where you’re making decisions left and right with the goal of having a flawless day.

But is any wedding day flawless?
Yes and no.

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Do you want magic photos of your wedding day? Do you also want to have a great time with a photographer who will make you laugh, get you comfortable, help keep your hair #bomb and show the guys how to pin their boutonnieres? That’s me.


My wedding day packages are not just a $$$$ - for - photos exchange. They’re an investment in a unique wedding day experience, not only priceless and permanent family heirloom photos.